Computer Services for the Rest of Us

Why struggle with packaged software and IT services designed for someone else's business when you can have applications and IT support dedicated to your business. With pricing that might surprise you.

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Custom Applications

From desktop to web to the cloud, new tools and technologies make it possible for you to run your business and reach your customers with applications designed just for you.

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IT & Telecom Support

No need to spend hours on the phone with Help Desks half a world away when you can have on-call and on-site support from staff who knows your systems and applications from the ground up.

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Web Development

We know how to build search-optimized web sites that can make small businesses shine without breaking the bank.

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With any new technology, training is essential. The LevelHead team will be there to make sure your understand how to make best use of your technology.

Small Business Success Story
Our clinic had cobbled together processes on paper, with canned software and tecnnologies like Google Calendar that just weren't keeping up as we grew. I searched extensively but could not find anything I thought would meet our needs. Ron and the team at LevelHead created custom time and resource management applications that streamlined our practice at a cost much less than we expected. As part of the project, we were able to include an enhanced interface for our clients that enables us to strengthen customer service as well.
Teri Wiss, Director | Development is Child's Play! Occupational Therapy Clinic | Cupertino, CA